It is possible that you may have dry rot in your home if you notice that your flooring is getting saggy. Without treatment, dry rot can seriously damage a home, causing the timber to crumble and deteriorate. The dry rot problem can be fixed and restored to your flooring with Abbey Damp Wirral’s variety of dry rot solutions. We specialize in repairing this type of damage due to our extensive experience in the construction industry.

You can tell if a floorboard has dry rot by the following signs:

  • The floorboards are soft and spongy
  • A discoloured floorboard or one that shows signs of mould or mildew
  • Cracks or warps in the floorboards
  • A musty odour in your home

Call Abbey builders if you notice any of these signs. We’ll come out and assess the damage for a free quote on dry rot solutions. There are several dry rot solutions we can provide to fix the problem and restore your flooring to its former glory. So let us handle your job right – call us today on 0151 342 4000!

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