It is very likely that if you are a homeowner, you have heard of dry rot and wet rot. But what are the differences? The purpose of this blog post is to answer these questions and provide information on how to detect dry rot in your home.

Dry Rot

Dry rot is a type of fungus that causes decay in timber. The fungus Serpula lacrymans causes this decay, and it thrives with both oxygen and moisture. In your home, dry rot normally occurs in damp or humid areas, such as in your basement or bathroom. It can also occur when an area has been damaged by water, such as a leaking roof or a plumbing leak.

There are several signs of dry rot:

  • Discoloured wood: Wood impacted by dry rot typically turns brown or black.
  • Crumbling wood: When the wood is affected, it will crumble or flake away easily.
  • As a result of dry rot, wood becomes brittle and can easily crack and break.
  • Dry rot produces a musty or mouldy odour.

If any of these signs appear in your house, you may have dry rot. For dry rot to occur, not all of these signs must be present. A professional should inspect your home as soon as possible if you suspect dry rot.

Wet Rot

As opposed to dry rot, wet rot is caused by a different group of fungi known as Coniophora puteana. Wet rot cannot survive without oxygen, unlike dry rot. As a result, it can occur regardless of the amount of moisture in your home. Older homes are also more likely to have wet rot, as it requires decayed wood.

There are several signs of wet rot:

  • Wet rot usually results in dark brown or black stained wood.
  • When the affected wood is touched, it will often feel soft or spongy.
  • It is possible for wood to become mushy and break easily due to wet rot.
  • There is usually a musty or mouldy smell emitting from wet rot.

There may be wet rot in your home if you notice any of these symptoms. Although in some cases, wet rot does not exhibit all of these symptoms. Consult a professional if you suspect wet rot in your home. 

Regardless of whether the work is dry rot or wet rot, Abbey Damp Wirral provides a 10-year guarantee. Interested in arranging a survey? Call our team today: 0151 342 4000.

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